3Dfilamenta Launches a Forum and News Section-Welcomes Manufacturer to Participate

Having a forum is a good way to interact and learn from each other, having a forum where 3d printer devs  and user can interact is even better!

The main purpose for the forum is to let buyer at 3Dfilamenta or an any other store to help each other out after have been buying a 3D printer product. What is even better is if the manufacturer of the product can join the discussion board and help out. This will be a win win for all of us.

Royee Technology Ltd teams up with 3Dfilamenta to Launch Royee II Delta 3D Printer –The Disco Printer with 260x420mm Print Volume

Royee II is a powerful high end delta 3D printer with big print volume from the fresh engineering startup Royee Technology Ltd from Luoyang, a prefecture-level city in western Henan province of Central China.

Together with 3Dfilamenta, a global 3D printer online retailer, Royee technology Ltd with its founder Kevin Lv aims to targeting international sales with his confident product Royee II.

3Dfilamenta Launches Shipping Cost System to The Store

Dear old and new customers,

Since a few days back our site have been going offline and online due to maintenance to make the store more functional and better.
The store now features new prices and functions based on user comments and experience.

New functions, fix and changes to the store
- A freight system have been implemented- we can now deliver to more than 200 countries. To see your total freight cost, you must first login to your account. Just add items to the cart and checkout!

- Customer having problem paying with PayPal or getting zip code error due to requirements are now fixed.