3Dfilamenta Teams up With CBD-Tech to Launch the Chitu V3.1 3D Printer Main Board

PRESS RELEASE: 3Dfilamenta Teams up With CBD-Tech to Launch the Chitu V3.1 3D
Printer Main Board.

3Dfilamenta Marketspace announced today that they have teamed up with CBD-tech, a Chinese
developer of 3D printer motherboard to market their products overseas.

The motherboard have been in the Chinese market for six month and according to CBD-tech, more than 1000 pcs have been sold in China with high satisfaction.

Compared to many others 3D printer motherboards, especially open source that uses AVR chipset which lacks powerful computing power, the Chitu motherboard don´t.

Chitu V3.1 is the first 3D printer motherboard from CBD-tech. The board is equipped with a 32-bit highspeed ARM chipset (STM32F103ZET6). With the powerful chipset the computing power is faster than ever and the print outcome can be more detailed even if the speed is increased.

The motherboard uses self-developed firmware, with all the advantages of open source firmware. The firmware uses SD file configuration, which can be updated easily and quickly.
There are one firmware for the XYZ (cube) printers and another one for the delta structures 3D printers.

At present, all machines can use this board and it is compatible with most machine structures.

Chitu V3.1 motherboard is equipped with color touch screen with simple, but clean interface. The touchscreen is highly sensitive and the mainboard features bilingual language through a key.

With optimized PID parameters in the firmware, a large number of analysis and testing have been stored, thus ensuring the stability of the temperature.

Chitu motherboard also supports breakpoints, which means you can print, then pause in the middle in the print, save the position, turn off the electricity and the next day you can resume to print again in the exact same position you left your printer.

3Dfilamenta- A C2C and B2C Marketplace for 3D Printing

3Dfilamenta.com announced today that the 3Dfilamenta marketspace is now opened for both C2C and B2C.

3Dfilamenta marketplace is an online retailer that globally distributes products and services associated with 3D-printing. Compared to traditional online stores, 3Dfilamenta marketplace facilitates B2C (business to customer) and C2C (customer to customer) retail by providing a sales platform for small, big business and individual entrepreneurs.

By taking the step from being a traditional online store to become a “dynamic open” store and inviting any sellers to 3Dfilamenta will allow them to reach out for a larger audience. At the same time customers will be offered a wider range of products and a more competitive price.
3D Printing is an emerging technology and a very interesting technology that can aid lots of people. Going by the trends, sales of 3D printing will increase, however reaching out is not easy for many individual and businesses.

At 3Dfilamenta anyone that have something related to 3D Printing can start and sell. You can either be an individual entrepreneur without a registered business, a small business or a big business. The goal with the marketplace is to be the center for sales regarding the 3D Printing area.

Customer can now buy unique 3D-Printer related products which was difficult to find before, with international shipping.

3Dfilamenta.com started up as a traditional online store May 2014. Seven month later the store turned to becoming a marketplace for C2C and B2C.

Along with the opening of the store, 3Dfilamenta also start selling their own ABS/PLA filaments under the brand name 3DFM-short for 3Dfilamenta

3Dfilamenta- Launched 3DFM brandline PLA and ABS 3D Pritner Filament

3Dfilamenta.com, the online marketplace center of sales for 3D printing related products, announced today the release of their own brand for PLA and ABS under the brand name 3DFM, short for 3Dfilamenta.

Through testing of different materials and manufacturers, 3Dfilamenta have chosen an ABS and PLA that is easy to print with.

The main goal for 3DFM´s PLA and ABS is to be a mainstream filament, easy to print with, with beautiful surface outcome and strong saturated colors.

There is lot of entrepreneurs talking about enhancing the current PLA and ABS, but enhancing it mostly means changing the pureness of ABS and PLA and in the end making it become another material mix, 3DFM is pure ABS or PLA.

Distributors that are interested can contact 3Dfilamenta through [email protected]. Others please refer to the 3Dfilamenta marketplace, www.3dfilamenta.com