3DFM MS1 Maraging Tool Steel Powder

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Maraging Steel also known as Tool Steel Powder are compatible with 3D printer technologies such as SLM,SLS,Laser Cladding, EBM and other 3D printers using powder as print material.


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The Maraging Steel powder is a powder that is specially optimized for shaping objects in SLM technologies, this includes the company EOS Selective Laser Melting technology, for example the EOSINT M series. Further is Arcam series, ConceptLaser series, Renishaw series, 3Dsystems Series and other companies with selective laser melting technology or EBM (Electron Beam Melting) technology.

Buying Requirements

Material and spherical size can be tailored according to your demand. Material and production process are all patented and approved for commercial use.

Order will be custom made as we do not have this in stock for immediately shipment.

Minimum Order Quantity is: 20 KG per order.

Sample can be provided (varies from 500 gram to 2KG). Please checkout with sample, freight is included in the price. 

Price is not including shipping cost when order none sample. You will get a seperate invoice for shipping. For big orders we or you can arrange boat shipment.

(Estimated shipping cost is 15-25 USD/KG to EU and USA through air)

"Please contact us before making any order! "

We offer most of the materials available in the market, please contact us and we will establish the product at the store.


Parts using the Maraging Steel powder have chemical composition corresponding to US grades18% Ni Maraging 300, Europe 1.2709 grades, and German X3NiCoMoTi 18-9-5. This kind of steel possess excellent mechanical properties. By simple using thermal age-hardening treatment, ultra-high strength, hardness and plasticity can be achieved.
The Maraging Steel steel are very easy to machine after the forming process in the 3D printer, and if aged treated (480-490 ℃, 5-6 hours) properly, it is easy to increase its hardness to 50HRC or more. The subject can also be further processed with EDM, welding, sandblasting, polishing and coating if required.


SLM, SLS, Laser Cladding, EBM and other technology based on the same functionality.

Internal Quality System Certification Data

Internal Quality System Certification Data





Chemical composition

Fe (balance)

Ni (17 – 19 wt-%)

Co (8.5 - 9.5 wt-%)

Mo (4.5 - 5.2 wt-%)

C ( 0.03 wt-%)

Al (0.05-0.15 wt-%)

Ti (0.6-0.8 wt-%)

Cr, Cu (each 0.5 wt-%)

Mn, Si (each 0.1 wt-%)

P, S (each 0.01 wt-%)


8.0-8.1 g/cm³




≥98 %

Recommended thickness

30, 40, 50μm

Bulk density


Relative density of formed parts

Close to. 100 %

Close up powder illustrated as follows (SEM)

MS1 Steel SEM Close Up

Formed parts mechanical properties

 316L powder Rapid Prototyping Parts Related Indicators


As built

After age hardening

Typical achievable part accuracy



- small parts (< 80 x 80 mm)

-approx. 20 μm


- large parts

-approx. 60 μm


Surface roughness



- as manufactured

-Ra 12 - 18μm, Rz 60 – 70 μm


- after shot-peening

-Ra 4 - 7 μm, Rz 17 – 50 μm


- after polishing

-Rz up to < 0.5 μm


Ultimate tensile strength (include horizontal and vertical direction)

typ. 1000±120 MPa

typ. 2000±90 MPa

Yield strength (Rp 0.2 %)
(include horizontal and vertical direction)

typ. 1000±100 MPa

typ. 1950±80 MPa

Elongation at break (include horizontal
and vertical direction)

typ. (13± 3 ) %

typ. (6 ± 2) %

Young’s modulus (include horizontal and
vertical direction)

typ. 160 ± 30 GPa

typ. 190 ± 30 GPa


Typ. 33-37 HRC

 Typ. 50-58 HRC

Maximum long-term operating

Approx. 400°C


Thermal conductivity

typ. 15 ± 0.8 W/m°C

typ. 20 ± 0.8 W/m°C


Parts Printed with this material

3D Printed parts from 3DFM MS1 Marging Steel Powder

Particle Size Distribution 

3DFM MS1 Particle Size Distribution

This Product Ships from China
Compositions/Materials Maraging Steels

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