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Popular 3D printer motherboard from CBD-Tech with high speed ARM 32-bit microchip, plug and play, auto stepping, fast speed full color touch screen function and so much more. Additional add-on such as multi Wi-Fi print support, stop, pause and print support, external USB drives, apps, software, apps and so much more.

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This Wi-Fi Module add-on for CBD Chitu turns your 3D printer controller board wireless. Send files through Wi-Fi directly to your Chitu board, control and print all wireless. With included software you can now mass print with just one software. App included.

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This auto power module let your 3D printer equipped with the Chitu board automatically save any prints if power get cut, paus thr print then power off and start printing again anytime. You can also set to automatically shut down the power when the printing process is finished.

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3DFM ABS Filament- Silver, for 3D Printing

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External SD/SDHC card reader with 65-50 cm cable. Compatible with CBD Chitu controller board.

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Screen caps for CBD Chitu. Choose screen cap for 2.8" or 3.5"

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This inconel 718 powder are compatible with 3D printer technologies such as SLM,SLS,Laser Cladding, EBM and other 3D printers using powder as print material.

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This extra auto power module let your 3D printer equipped with the ChiTu board get extra power in. This module will make your board capable of a maximum current of 25A. 

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