Sellers Terms & Conditions

Welcome to, a Marketplace and online sales platform owned and operated by Tradecore Limited, a company organized and existing under the laws of Hong Kong.

At 3Dfilamenta Marketplace anyone that have products related to 3D Printing can sign up and become a seller. To become a seller you must first agree to all the T&Cs (terms & conditions) as provided below. Please note that this T&Cs is valid for all sellers at 3Dfilamenta and must be followed.

In this T&Cs (Terms & Conditions) sellers may from time to time be referred as Sellers or Vendors and 3Dfilamenta as 3Dfilamenta Marketplace, we, the website, our or

This “Sellers Terms & Condition” is an agreement that clearly states the provisions and conditions between you (individual or business) or the entity you represent as a seller and (Tradecore Limited).

All sellers are expected to adhere to the following policies when listing products at and its subsites. Sellers who violate this terms & conditions can be suspended from selling on with its account being immediately banned or deleted without further notice. If serious crime have occurred we may report such action to such organization dealing with such crime.

Under this Agreement, you authorize 3Dfilamenta, among other things, to promote, submit, distribute, use and collect all data submitted by you for the purpose of operating.

We reserve the right to change, modify, remove any content including user content for any reason we believe is wrong or violates our terms and conditions.


Sellers Terms & Conditions

General Rules

What can be sold on 3Dfilamenta

What cannot be sold on 3Dfilamenta

Customer Service Policy

Order Status Policy

Pricing and Currency

Conversions Policy

Tax Policy

Export and Import Duty Policy

Product & Listing Policy

Refund and Withdrawal Policy

Shipping Policy

Delivery Policy

Warranty Policy

User Privacy Security Policy

Payment Options Policy

Fees and Commissions Policy

Third-Party Links Policy

Reviews and Comments Policy

Intellectual Property Rights

Creative Commons License

Force Majeure

Your Account and Termination of Use

Promotional Codes Policy

Liability Policy

Trademarks Policy

General Rules

3Dfilamenta Marketplace has general rules to help ensure a safe and enjoyable selling experience.

- Always maintain current account information

- Always update the order status of any order received! (For example if the item has been shipped, change the order status to shipped.)

- Always honor your commitment to sell & fulfill all orders

- Always honor your commitment to fulfill any request by customer

- Do not misrepresent yourself

- Respect the intellectual property of others

- Do not engage in fee avoidance

- Do not create duplicate shops or products you already have submitted

- Do not try to artificially boost views, post repetitive stuff, or post unsolicited commercial messages

- For virtual files, if you are posting in the NSFW/18+ catalogue, you are only allowed to post the generated picture of the 3D Printed object or the actual 3D Printed object.

- Any exploit or present minors in sexual way is forbidden and will be reported to such organization.

- It is forbidden to promote prostitution, escort, drugs, hate, or any sexual or self-damaging services through the website. You may however sell virtual files or art related objects related to sexual pleasure who is not offending, violent/gore or illegal in any way. (Contents in this category may be hidden in the “new product feed function” and search result for safety reason).

What can be sold on 3Dfilamenta

All kind of entity related to 3D Printing can be sold at 3Dfilamenta. 3Dfilamenta is a niche marketplace and buyers come to us to purchase 3D Printing related products or services that they might not find anywhere else. Everything listed for sale at this website must be related to 3D-printing , this includes services, hardware and software. Business may offer used or refurbished products, but not individuals. 

What cannot be sold on 3Dfilamenta

Anything that is not related to 3D printing including used products by individuals (not registered business). We however also forbid some product that may be to offensive for the general public, and that includes products and services that:

-          Promotes hate or harm to the society.

-          Contains illegal content -or information

-          Violent any IP

-          Promotes self-harm, for example drug abuse

-          Sexual services, drugs, trafficking in the disguise of 3D Printing

Customer Service Policy

We want the best for you and expect all our sellers to provide a high level of customer service. By selling on 3Dfilamenta you herby agree on following:

1. Always answer to conversations in timely manner, fast respond is always good customer service.

2. Honor your shipping and process time with the information you provided to your customer.

3. Do not threaten or harass any visitor or customer.

4. Resolve disagreements or disputes directly with the buyer.

5. Always notify the buyer if you have problem with the order

6. Be aware different countries have different laws which may cause requests for Cancellations,  Returns, and Exchanges

7. Be aware that buyers may be international hence have different culture on how to interact

Order Status Policy

To improve communication between seller and buyer the seller are obligated to change order status on each order.
When a customer makes a purchase, you as the seller need to communicate back by informing the buyer on the status of the order, this can easily be done with the status setting on each order. Example of status available in the sellers order page:

- Awaiting bank wire payment

- Payment accepted

- Preparation in progress

- Shipped

- Delivered

- Canceled

- Refund

- Payment error

- On back order


Pricing and Currency Conversions Policy

The products or services listed on 3Dfilamenta is set by respective seller. By selling at 3Dfilamenta you agree on that the price you set should be according to market prices. You may not in any way contact sellers to agree on any cartel agreement.

All prices must be set in USD as 3Dfilamenta has USD as base currency. Any customer who want to see prices in their local currency can use the currency converter (at the top right corner on the website). This means buyers can pay in their chosen currency and you will get paid in that currency. The currency exchange will be within market level.
For credit card payment/Paypal you can deny accepting alien currency by the setting of your payment provider provided they have this setting available (alien currency will in this case give an error message by your payment gateway). Recommended are however to set so all alien currency auto- exchanges to your accepted currency.
As for bank wire payment you need to manual ask customer to pay in your accepted currency if foreigner currency is selected.

The currency conversation will be updated every month, and conversion rates will be according to market. By agreeing on this policy you agree that we have the right to change the rates according to market level without further notice.

As mentioned all prices must be set in USD, you can however set specific prices only valid for a certain group, country or currency. If you do so you herby agree that you will verify that the prices you set is correct for that specific group, country or currency. You also agree that the specific price will only function/be visible once the correct currency is selected. This means customer will only pay the specific price if correct currency is selected according to your specific price settings.

By agreeing on this policy you also agree on that the prices you set is exactly as you want it to be before starting to sell. Upon noticing the price is fault you are responsible to update it as according. 3Dfilamenta do not take any responsibility for any wrong price setting. You as the seller bear the full responsibility to check that the prices is correct.

Tax Policy

All prices displayed in the Marketplace are including sales taxes. Different taxes are already pre-built in and if your tax rate is not included you are responsible to contact us to help you establish your local tax rate for your country.

When you set tax-rule for a country that is part of European Union (“All Country Sales Tax” tax-rule excluded), this tax rate will apply to all other European countries automatically according to the tax-rule for European countries. All other countries will not be charged any tax.

When you set tax-rule for a country (“All Country Sales Tax” and non-European countries excluded), the tax-rule will only apply to the country. All other countries will not be charged any tax.

If you want all countries to have tax included (all country will be charged tax), you are obligated to choose “All Country Sale Tax” tax-rule, and the tax-rule will apply to all countries.

If you do not want to sell with any tax, you are obligated to choose the “No tax” tax-rule.

Export and Import Duty Policy

When you sell merchandise outside of your country, you are exporting. By exporting you are entitled to agree that the products you sell must comply with export laws. Make sure any items you're selling can be lawfully shipped outside of the country where you live. The export of certain items may require special licenses, or may be banned altogether. It is your duty to make sure that the item you ship can be exported legally.

When selling an item, make sure that the item can lawfully be imported into the buyer's country before sending it. Each country have their own laws that limit the types of goods that can be imported into their country. It is your duty to make sure that the item you ship can be imported legally.

We recommend that you discuss possible import and export problems with your freight forwarder or buyer to avoid any problems during shipment, if any.

Product & Listing Policy

When listing a product or service on 3Dfilamenta Marketplace you agree that the information you provide is correct and real. Any misinformation must be corrected within timely manner. Any misinformation made by purpose to boost sales or to lure buyers may result to immediate closure of your account.

When uploading a product the pictures and all data must be relevant to the product. If the uploaded content is not related to the product, we have the rights to not approve your listing. This includes both products (including digital models) and services.

As for digital models, such as 3D models and Laser Engraving models, to ensure the quality outcome of any digital model uploaded to the site we only accept models if it has picture of it as follow:

1. Real picture of the model after 3D printing or laser engraving)

2. Screenshot or preview of the sliced model

Refund and Withdrawal Policy          

All sales made through 3Dfilamenta Marketspace are entitled to 3Dfilamenta's Return and Withdrawal Policy. As a seller this mean that you will grant the buyer 14 days rights (from the day the buyer put the purchase order) to decide if the buyer wants to return the order and get refund.

In order to grant the buyer return and refund rights the package must not be opened and is in its original condition. With the “General Terms and Conditions”, you have the rights to deny any return or refund for following criteria:

- Shipping cost (back and forth)

- Changes in currency rates and import duties fee or any unexpected fees. 

- Used products

- Product that have been opened from its original product box 

- Consumable materials

- Services (whereas you already have spent working hours with)

- Claims for DOA (Dead on Arrival), missing parts or damage not reported within 48 hours of receipt of goods according to the tracking info.

- DOA (Dead on Arrival), caused by buyers local freight carrier/ postman

- Damage caused by force majeure


If refund will be granted, you agree to refund the funds within 30 days from the day you approved the refund. Upon agreeing on refund you are entitled to inform the buyer about this.

If a buyer return a product that is not located in the same country, you as the seller may be obligated to pay import duty (should not occur if handled correctly), then you have the rights to charge the customer for this. It is recommended you make an agreement with the buyer before asking them to return the package.

Shipping Policy

By setting up a store at 3Dfilamenta, the seller are entitled to set shipping costs accordingly according to market level.
3Dfilamenta Marketplace do not setup any pre shipping costs for any sellers, it is the seller’s responsibility to setup carriers and freight cost for all different countries and weight/price-ranges available.

You can exclude countries you don't want to ship to by not enable it in the specific shipping carrier.

3Dfilamenta uses a freight system where seller can choose to accept freight according to weight based or price based, which means all freight set must be calculated based on weight or prices.

Sellers are free to use any shipping carrier or freight forwarder. Seller is also free to setup any information regarding shipping on their “about page” to inform customers or visitors. You are however obligated to input the delivery time for each carrier you establish.

Once you have received payment you agree to send the order as soon as possible.

Delivery Policy

Sellers are obligated to issue order as soon as the sellers receive buyer’s payment. Upon receiving payment, sellers must honor its shipping and process time.

The table below illustrate normal shipping time for most sellers (assuming package is ready for shipment). Keep in mind the table below is just an example. The most correct shipping time can be seen when you checkout with the product in the shipping section, as a seller you need to input the correct shipping time when you establish a shipping carrier.
You can also input the detailed shipping time in your “about us” page, giving consumers the easy way to view your shipping time.


Buyers location
Express Shipping Post Package Boat/Economy Air Post Package
In your country
1-2 working days 3-5 working days (express) N/A
Outside your country 4-7 working days. 4-30 days (slow package) 30-60 days

It is your duty to inform any visitors or buyer your shipping time frame. You can do this in the shipping carrier you establish and write some information about this in your “About us” page.

Warranty Policy        

Sellers listing and selling on 3Dfilamenta are obligated to give all their buyer a warranty. This means any seller that sell products or services through 3Dfilamenta are obligated to give the buyer a minimum of 6 month warranty from the day of the purchase. You as the seller can of course give more than 6 month warranty to the buyer. If so, please inform this on the product page or sellers “about us” page.

Further, as a seller you guarantee that any goods you are sending to the buyer are free from defects upon delivery.

If a buyer have a problem with a product, the buyer should first contact the specific seller.

If buyer want to claim warranty you have the rights to charge the buyer for freight cost back and forth if any.

User Privacy Security Policy

3Dfilamenta guarantee to never give out your personal information or email address to third parties unless special circumstances exist, such as that the police, prosecutors or similar requests data. 
As a seller you are obligated to follow the same policy against your buyer.

Payment Options Policy

3Dfilamenta strife to have the best and most secure payment options available for its sellers. In the current scenario sellers can choose either to accept payment with PayPal (this includes credit card payment options) and bank wire. Both these payment option will offer you the highest security standard when receiving and paying money online.
As a seller you are free to use any of these payment options to receive money.

Also please note that 3Dfilamenta are not involved in the transaction in any way. Payment is third party and all funds is between Buyer and Seller.

PS! If you receive funds from a specific product that are very expensive we recommend to only use bank wire on that product as a payment option since it is the most secure and affordable way to get paid.

Fees and Commissions Policy


Any seller can sign up and list their product for free at 3Dfilamenta, there will be no fee unless you make a sale. When you make a sale we charge a small commission fee of your total product cost.

When you make a sale you agree that 3Dfilamenta have the rights to charge you commission for the sale.
The commission fee is between 15-20 % of the total product/service cost including tax if any. We may however have the rights to change this commission fee at any time. It is therefore important for you to check your email from us from time to time for further notice.
The exact commission fee is as follow

The exact commission fee is as follow

From Amount

To Amount

Commission Fee


200 USD


≥200 USD



At the end of each month you will receive an invoice with instruction on how to pay the fees you own us. You can either pay with credit card or direct bank transfer. We will only send out an invoice if your bill is at least 20 USD. If seller fails to pay the invoice during its time limit as instructed in the invoice, we will deactivate your account for further use until the bill is payed.

In the situation where seller need to refund a buyer, whereas we already have deducted the commission fee. The seller need to change the order status to “Refunded” or “Canceled”. Doing so will resulting in deducting the commission back. The buyer will automatically get a verification email message stating that the order have either been refunded or canceled per your action. Any attempt of abusing the refund commission system to systematically avoid commission fee will result to immediately ban and may be reported to organization dealing with such action.

The commission refund will be deducted to your Sellers account on 3Dfilamenta Marketplace. You can see the refund on your “Account History” page and summary on your “Summary” page (inside the “My Seller Account”). This means we will not refund any direct funds to your bank account- instead the refund will only be deducted in your sellers account.

Third-Party Links Policy

Sellers listing at 3Dfilamenta are not allowed to link any external third party links selling the same product or service in the product description page/about us page/ or any other pages on 3Dfilamenta.
Links to third-party web sites are provided for convenience only, such as reviews on the products or mentions. Links to any third-party sellers are strongly forbidden in any circumstances.

Reviews and Comments Policy

The review system at the site are only allowed for buyers to use. Sellers agree that they will not in any way abuse or arrange fakes reviews in order to promote itself at 3Dfilamenta.
If we notice any seller abusing the review system, the seller agree to give us the full rights to pause or terminate the sellers account.

Intellectual Property Rights

By listing your product at 3Dfilamenta you acknowledge that that the products or services you sell or give away free is respecting the intellectual property rights. If we notice any seller not following this law, we have the rights to either pause or terminate the sellers account.

As for virtual files including 3D design, you as a designer owns all the rights for your designs including without limitation any and derivative works like 3D renders. By uploading a design for sale you agree that it is your or the entity you represents original creation. You warrant that your User Generated Content will not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties. In the case where your User Generated Content infringe the intellectual property rights you will defend 3Dfilamenta against third party sales, and will be held liable for all type of damages and all type of cost till the matter is solved.

When you upload a design to 3Dfilamenta you grant us the rights to use the file royalty free worldwide for the purpose of advertising or for manufacturing of your model in order to test, fulfill and promote your product.

By removing any of your virtual files from our website you terminate all type of relation and license granted to us, this will happen 3 month after termination. You however grant us the rights to use any material related to your virtual file that were taken before the removal.

Creative Commons License

You are allowed to upload and sell or give away free designs. As an owner of the design you are free to give it away or sell it under any Creative Commons Licenses. The best way to display it is in the product page for your product. However If there is no Creative Commons Licenses information in the product page you agree that the designs you uploaded are default under the CC BY-NC (Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial).This means that you allow others to use, distribute, redo, modify and build upon your work, but the work must not be used for commercial purposes. If the work is used for commercial purposes then the author must be stated.

You can read more about the different licenses here:

Force Majeure

Force majeure is a legal term that means that there are circumstances that can release 3Dfilamenta and its sellers from the contract. These circumstances include war, warlike events, civil war, revolution, insurrection, government action, strikes, lockouts, hack attacks, bad weather, blockades or similar events.

Your Account and Termination of Use

By establishing an account, you are responsible for maintain your account such as updating username, password, email and confidential information about yourself. You also agree on taking responsibility for all activities that occurs under your account, username or password. By creating your own account, you agree to notify 3Dfilamenta immediately of any unauthorized use of your account.
By using and selling on the website, you have the rights to use your own account, meaning you may not use anyone else’s account, username or password at any time. 
You agree to provide 3Dfilamenta with accurate, current and complete information about yourself, your billing information and delivery address as prompted in the registration process. 

As a seller you are obligated to fulfill and honor your Sellers responsibility and understand that only one personal account and seller account is permitted per person.

3Dfilamenta may, in its sole discretion, delete your account or your use of the 3Dfilamenta web site at any time. You are personally liable for any orders made or charges that you incur prior to termination. 3Dfilamenta reserves the full right to change, discontinue or suspend all or any aspects of the 3Dfilamenta website at any time without prior notice.

Promotional Codes Policy

3Dfilamenta supports orders with vouchers. As a seller you have the possibility issue vouchers for your customer. By issuing any vouchers you understand that only you as the seller can do that for your store at 3Dfilamenta. It is therefore the seller’s responsibility to set the correct validation period and data information when issuing vouchers.

Sellers Protection

In order to sell safe, the best method to receive money is bank wire transfer, especially for order with big value. However as bank wire payment often are slow and not very convenient especially for international buyers, credit card transfer is nowadays the most normal payment options sellers provides.
When you receive money with credit card there are some famous scams we want our seller to be aware of.
By selling at 3Dfilamenta you acknowledge that accepting payment with credit card have its weakness and that you thoroughly understand many types of Credit Card Frauds that can exist (especially the chargeback scam). It is in your best interest to find more information about different fraud to protect yourself.

When using credit card payment gateway such as PayPal we advise you to read their policy to verify if the product or services you sell are eligible for their Sellers Protection.

We at 3Dfilamenta hope in all means that you will have a safe and exciting selling experience as a seller.

Liability Policy

3Dfilamenta Marketplace serve as a third party sales platform meaning we are not in any way liable for the product or services you are offering. Neither are we liable for any transaction between you the seller and the buyer, this includes refund, currency differences and unexpected funds.

You as the seller are however liable between the transaction between you and your buyer and further liable to follow this “Seller Terms & Condition”. 
As a seller at 3Dfilamenta Marketplace you agree to carry the liability for all items/services offered by you.


The website and company name and all related names including 3Dfilamenta Marketplace and its products, services, logo, designs, slogans are the trademark of Tradecore limited. You may not in any circumstances use the trademarks without the prior written permission of Tradecore limited. Sellers’ products, services, logo, designs, slogans are the trademark of their respective owners.  

 “End of 3Dfilamenta's “Sellers Conditions of Use”