3Dfilamenta Online Store is now 3Dfilamenta Marketplace

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3Dfilamenta Store is now 3Dfilamenta Marketplace.

From being a single store for 3D Printing, 3Dfilamenta is today a full dynamic 3D Printing Marketplace. With the latest reconstruction of the website anyone can now join our marketplace and start selling as long it is related to our core focus.

Sellers, start today, register for a seller account and start listing products for free!

As for new and old consumers, the 3Dfilamenta store still exist in the marketplace as the seller: 3DFM Store.

Through almost two years this website has emerged to entertain 3D Printer enthusiast. We are now emerging again to a final phase, hoping to become the center for 3D Printing and Laser Engraving.

"Any vendor related to 3D Printing can sign up and start selling in just minutes and it is free to list your products or sevices!"

With the new redesign and website architecture, sellers can now register for a seller account and start an own store in the marketplace very easy and convenient. Setup private shipping fees for more than 240 countries and upload as many product as possible.
With the new website sellers can also offer something we did not had before: virtual product and service. With this said sellers can now offer 3D printable designs, 3d software, educational services, maintenance and fix services, freelancing services and so on as long it is related to our focus-3D Printing and Laser Engraving.

History Time Line

3Dfilamenta V1.0 – Online store

3Dfilamenta opened its doors in mid-2014 as an online store with focus on selling 3D Printer Related Products. This gave many 3D printer-enthusiast the opportunity to further explore the 3D Printing scene.

3Dfilamenta V2.0 – Online store with C2C/B2C but not fully dynamic

As times goes the store slowly evolved to become an online store with option to let vendors sell their 3D Printer products through 3Dfilamenta. This would allow 3Dfilamenta to have more products for showcase, but the store was still not fully dynamic

3Dfilamenta V3.0 – Online store become dynamic Marketplace

The final step of 3Dfilamenta evolved. 3Dfilamenta has gone from being a traditional online store to a fully dynamic Marketplace as of 20160107. With redesign of the homepage and implementation of many new functions the site has become a dynamic site.
At 3Dfilamenta Marketplace any seller related to 3D printing can now sign up and start selling products or services at 3Dfilamenta. Sell local or sell international- the site is made to aim an international market.

Our days is still young but we still have a long road to go toward to achieving our goal. Hope you all can join us and cheer the joy together.

// Sinh Phu (Founder)


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