Sellers Handbook - How to Set Up & Run a Store

Created: 2015-12-08

Updated: N/A

Author: 3Dfilamenta Marketplace

Email: [email protected]


Firstly, a big THANK YOU for choosing to sell with
At 3Dfilamenta Marketplace anyone related to 3D Printing can open a store and become a seller.

By being a seller at 3Dfilamenta Marketplace you must honor the “Seller Terms and Conditions”

Following list is handpicked sellers highlights for the lazybones:

  •         Offer minimum 14 days money back guarantee
  •         Offer minimum 6 month warranty
  •         Sellers always collect all payments from buyers
  •         You must have either PayPal or bank wire to get paid from buyers
  •         15% commission fee for all sales made≥ 200 USD
  •         20% commission fee for sales made between 0-199 USD
  •         Listing is free!
  •         Sellers with ≥ 20 USD in commission fee will get an e-invoice each month/time.
  •         Select and establish different shipping fees for over 200 countries
  •         To access your seller interface click on your profile then “My Sellers Account”
  •         You can offer anything related to 3D printing             
  •         All sellers get an own virtual shop and private link
  •         Violating the “Seller Terms and Conditions” will result to immediate blacklisting.              
    View our intro video for buyers here: PRESS HERE (YouTube, open in new windows).

After signup you basically need to:

  •          1. Input your business information in the business tab
  •          2. Input desired payment method
  •          3. Establish a shipping carrier (no need for virtual files)
  •          4. Establish productor service
  •          5. We will review your product or service and once approved it will be visible on the site

Following guide will teach you how to use 3Dfilamenta´s sales platform.


0. Introduction
1. Sign up Process/login (For those that neither have buyers or sellers account)
2. Sign up Process/login (For those that already have a buyers account but no sellers account)
3. Access Your Seller Account Page
4. Setup Your Seller Account Page
4.1 How to Receive Funds and How to Setup Payment
4.2 How to Manage Orders and Orders Status
5. Setup Shipping Carrier
6. Setup Shipping Cost based on total Weight
7. Setup Shipping Cost based on Price
8. Establish a Product or Service for Sale
8.1 Information
8.2 Images
8.3 Features
8.4 Association
8.5 Prices & Discounts
8.6 Quantity (Stock)
8.7 Combination
8.8 Virtual Product
8.9 Attachment