CBD ChiTu Mini V5.1 3D Printer Controller Board

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New product

Popular single extrusion 3D printer motherboard from CBD-Tech with high speed ARM 32-bit microchip, plug and play, auto stepping including fast speed full color touch screen function and so much more. 
Additional add-on module such as Wi-Fi and Extra Power can be added. 


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"The ChiTu 3D printer board is specially made for manufacturer that want a stable 3D printer controller board that actually works without bigger problems or lots of trixing, it is a commercial product with concentrated customer service regarding the hardware and the software around it"

"ChiTu controller board is easy to use and easy to install. With the Wi-Fi module add-on you can now print all wireless with the included Android and Apple IOS app! You can even use the CBD software to mass print very easy."

Chitu Mini V5.1

"100% satisfied customer service and 100% quality guaranteed"

"Full color touchscreen included!"

Important updates


CBD have made a better introduction how to use the Chitu board.
Here is a short guide how to start and using your Chitu Controller Board (applies for all CBD Chitu boards):


- If you bought your product from a buyer outside of 3Dfilamenta webpage, please contact the customer service from the buyer. 3Dfilamenta no longer provide customer service if you did not buy the product from 3Dfilamenta.com


ChiTu Mini V5.1 Motherboard launched for the international market.

Exclusive distribution partners

We are the only official main distributor for this product for international market outside China. If you want to become a exclusive distribution partner for this product in your country, please contact us for more information.

Add-on Services

Different manufacturer have different customizations, we understand that.

With our add-on services we provide customizations services related to 3D printing.

For example, we provide services such as:

- implementation of your design to the ChiTu interface

- add extra function to the ChiTu firmware

- make and customize APP or PC software

- other software and hardware related services related to 3D printing, not necessary bounded to the ChiTu controller board

Please contact us for more details. 

What is the difference between ChiTu V3.6 and ChiTu Mini V5.1?

ChiTu Mini V5.1 was made with the aim to cut down price and let manufacturers enjoy a smaller 3D printer controller board. 

While ChiTu Mini offer the same prestanda as ChiTu V3.6 it lacks some features.
Following parameters set it apart from ChiTu V3.6:

- smaller in size
- cheaper 
- only using thermistor
- only support single extrusion
- do not support power module add-on (only the extra power module add-on (also called MOS) and Wi-Fi add-on)
 - temperature sensor interface: Mini only have 2 paths 100K NTC (while ChiTu V3.6 have 3 paths)
-can only connect 4 motots while CBD Chitu 3.6 can use 5 motors
- No USB integrated USB slave only SD card integrated slave

Product Feature

√ Support Color Touch Sceeen with no lag

√ ARM STM32 Microprocessor

√ Allegro A4988 Motor Driver (1/16 microstepping)

√ Compatible with most structures (Delta/Hbot/cartesian)

√ Uses the self developed ChiTu firmware with important data and settings (closed source)

√ Uses configuration file to anchor the firmware, setup your printer without worry for firmware error.

√ Very stable and enduring long print hours

√ Optimized PID parameters in the firmware

√ 12/24V Compatibel!

√ Not limited to any print size, build as big printer as you want!

√ Compatible With 4 motors interface!

√ Upgradeable design letting you add extra hardware to your 3D printer board: Wi-Fi and extra powder module add-on

√ Support Wi-Fi- with the Wi-Fi-module add-on you can equip your ChiTu Mini to become wireless. Controll and print all wireless

√ Includes Android and IOS app for Wi-Fi control.

√ Limit switches can be used to achieve broken filament detection and automatic leveling

√ Supports bilingualism- English and Chinese (our add-on-service let you change the interface to your local language)

√ Compatible with Simplify3D, Repetier-host, Octoprint, Astroprint 

√ Compatible with most slicer such as Cura, Slic3r, preform etc. 

√ Auto-leveling probe

CBD Tech Chitu

About ChiTu 

Compared to others 3D printer motherboards, especially open source motherboards with lacks of powerful print data the ChiTu motherboard don´t. The ChiTu motherboard was born to aid current and future 3D-printer manufacturers with a stable and easy to use 3D printer controller board. The ChiTu firmware includes data and variables collected from different 3D printer manufacturers and in-house testing data by CBD-Tech. This said, this motherboard was originally mend for 3D-printer manufacturer that wants to offer its customer a 3D-printer with a real stable motherboard with professional support.

ChiTu Mini is the second 3D printer motherboard from CBD Tech ltd. The board is equipped with a 32-bit high-speed ARM chipset (STM32F103ZET6) which results in high computing power which makes print outcome more detailed even if the speed is increased. CBD ChiTu Mini also have functions that carries out repeated optimization, employing SD file configuration mode which equals to convenient and quick renewal.

The motherboard uses self-developed firmware, with all the advantage of open source firmware and recorded data and awesome features from CBD-Tech such as the firmware has experienced arc optimization and PID temperature stability optimization. 

The firmware is closed source but uses a configuration file to anchor the firmware, which can be updated easily and quickly.

ChiTu are compatible for both delta, hbot and cartesian structured printers and consist of two different configuration files- one for cartesian printers and another one for delta/hbot structured printers.

CBD ChiTu Mini mainboard includes a fast color touch screen, enjoying simple interface and high sensitive touchscreen.

CBD ChiTu Mini Board

Chitu Mini V5.1

Product Data

External Dimension: 100x75 mm

Microprocessor: ARM chip STM32 (STM32F103ZET6)

Input Voltage: 12V~24V, 10~15A

Power Interface: Ordinary switch power supply or ordinary adapter

Motor Driver: Allegro A4988 (1/16 microstepping)

Motor Driven Interface: Single head extrusion features 4 motor interface & 16 segments 

Temperature Sensor Interface: 2 paths of 100K NTC (thermistor)

Color Touch Screen: 2.8 or 3.5 inches of TFT

Connectivity: SD card, square USB that is convenient for plug and play; communication Baud Rate is 115200 (Wi-Fiif you have the Wi-Fi module)

File Format Supported: G-code (CBD-Tech can customize the format to protect the format due your copyright)

Machine Structure Supported: XYZ type, Ultimaker type, Hbot type, Delta, Kossel and CoreXY type.

Recommendation of Software: Cura/Repetier-host/Makerware/Simplify3d/CBD

Software provided from CBD-Tech: Yes, CBD Pro (in development for Windows)
App provided from CBD-Tech: Yes, both need Wi-Fi to work- Android and IOS (english version TBA)

2.8 Inch Touchscreen Size: 60mmx100mm

3.5 Inch Touchscreen Size: 65mmx115mm

Manual: Yes full english manual and schematics

Drivers: Yes, full english drivers included

Expandable modules: Wi-Fi module (completely open communication protocol) , extra power module ,SD card module and SB drive module

Chitu Mini V5.1

CBD ChiTu Types

CBD ChiTu Mini comes in two types with different settings. Below is the different type available.

Type A: Single extruder motherboard (Thermistor) + 2.8 inch touch screen ( 69 USD)

Type B: Single extruder motherboard (Thermistor) + 3.5 inch touch screen (79 USD)

Volume Discount

Please contact us to view the discount and prices for different quantities. 

What includes when you buy the ChiTu board

In the package you will find: 

1x CBD ChiTu Mini V5.1 Board
1x Toucscreen
1x Flatcable to connect touchscreen to ChiTu board (50cm)

Type A: 

Chitu Mini V5.1 Type A

Type B: 

Chitu Mini V5.1 type B

CBD ChiTu Mini Types Add-on modules

For more information and price, please view the accessory tab.

WiFi Adapter: With this, you can control the machine and also send file through app and software via Wi-Fi to printer. Software and app including. Included software makes it possible to mass print with just one software. 

Extra Power Module: This extra power module makes your board accepting more current without overheating.

SD Card/-USB Reader Modules: Add an external SD Card reader or USB reader with our without extension cable. 

Services and packages

Currently, a lot of customization is available, for example the screen interface customization services is provided, offering you a platform to display your company name. Or the customization to change language as the system supports bilingualism, the language can be changed via one key.

If you want to know the actual price for the services, please contact us at ([email protected]). 

Example of service pack for "Touchscreen and interface Display"

Service Pack 1: FULL Touchscreen interface customization (you send us your complete design in PSD format and we implement it). 

Service Pack 2: LOGO Touchscreen interface customization (implementation of your company logo on the interface/startup screen, you need to send us your logo in psd format ). 

Example of service pack for “APP Interface Customization”

Service Pack 4: App Android-Implementation of 1x Logo in the app (for screen size less than 5"). 

Service Pack 5: App Apple IOS-Implementation of 1x Logo in the app (for screen size less than 5"). 

Service Pack 5: Android App-Implementation of full design (for screen size less than 5"). 

Service Pack 6: Apple IOS -Implementation of full design (for screen size less than 5"). 

Service Pack 7: Implementation off full design or logo for Android/IOS app for screen size >5”. 

Example of service pack for “Custom made Functions Customization”

Service Pack 8: Add a shortcut to let user change offset customization in the more button. 

It takes roughly 1-2 week to implement a design, depending on workload. You will receive the complete firmware by email with your unique service pack. This firmware can easily be flashed on any compatible ChiTu board.

App download

If you can not download with QR code, please use the download section at the bottom of this page to download the Android app. For IOS app download it at: http://fir.im/cbd3d


Please visit our FAQ forum for Chitu

If you want to ask question for the developers, please do it at their official forum: http://www.cbd-3d.com/forum/

Official homepage for the CBD Chitu:



How to config ChiTu (applies for all CBD Chitu boards)

ChiTu Drivers and Download (english version)

CBD ChiTu Mini V5.1 Driver and Manual

For module add-on drivers and manuals, please visit the responded product page for the specific module add-on at 3Dfilamenta. (All module add-on is displayed at the accessory tab of this product page).



CBD ChiTu On the net

3Ders-Huaway Technology exports over 31 500 3D Printers-uses Chitu board

3Dprint- CBD-Tech launches the Chitu board for international market

This Product Ships from China
Warranty 6 Months
Technology FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)
Certification SGS

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